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Why yoga is so beneficial to cyclists


  • Improves performance on the bike, as it can increase flexibility and strength in the muscles and joints
  • Reduces injury by creating a muscular balance as all muscles get strengthened
  • Helps you be more aware of your breathing, and can help you stay focused on a ride
  • Can help you be in tune with your body, both on and off the bike


The principles of yoga are of creating awareness of your body, as well as developing strength and stamina.

Yoga can target areas of the body that can counter balance the affect of spending time on the bike. For example, chest openers and shoulder stretches after being hunched forward in the saddle.

And hamstring stretches that can help ease lower back ache.

There are many yoga poses that can improve tight areas of the body such as the hips, back and legs, that cyclists of all levels can benefit from.

You don’t need to be flexible to start a class, and it’s for all abilities and ages. The method of yoga is safe for complete beginners, classes are carefully sequenced and poses are held to allow time for the muscles to stretch, and allow blood to flow to different areas. Restorative poses towards the end of a class help the muscles to relax and aid recovery.

About Lindsay

Lindsay has been practising Iyengar Yoga for over 20 years and has experience in teaching people of all ages and abilities, and sporting backgrounds. She trained with the Iyengar Yoga Association UK in 2007, and regularly attends workshops and professional training days to further her understanding and practice. She’s passionate about teaching people of all ages, and abilities and believes practising yoga regularly can help you maintain a healthy body and keep you enjoying the things you love for longer.

About the Iyengar yoga method

The method of Iyengar Yoga is very beneficial to cyclists and other sports people as a lot of care and attention goes into correct alignment in the postures to bring balance to over used and under used areas of the body.

Classes follow a carefully constructed sequence of poses that will vary from day to day. Yoga props are used to enable anyone to take part, so don’t worry if you feel you’re too inflexible for starting yoga!

As well as the physical benefits of stretching and strengthening the body, some of the other benefits of doing a regular yoga class include improved posture, better breath awareness, concentration and the ability to focus, as well as improving quality of sleep, which in turn helps recovery.


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