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Late Night Thursdays @ApusPeak Weekly Chain gang Ride 6pm

Apus Peak, Tatton Street, Knutsford, WA16 6AF

Trash Mile Cycle Club: North and Apus Peak, Knutsford are excited to invite you to “Trash Gang”, the new weekly chain gang and social event. Sign up each Thursday NOW on the Trash Mile Cycle Club page on Strava: – the bigger the gang, the easier it becomes.

At 6pm every Thursday, grab your caffeine boost, pre-order your post-ride pizza and fix those last-minute mechanicals before we set off around Tatton Park for some speedy sunset miles. Choose from a beginner 18mph or advanced 20mph+ route with average speeds to suit, expect to feel like you’ve worked your socks off and deserved those tasty treats from Apus Peak.


Timings: 6:00pm meet. 6:15pm set out. 7:00pm last lap. 7:40pm Last orders. 8:00pm Closed


What’s a chain gang? Also known as a ‘paceline’ or ‘through and off’, it’s a close-knit formation of riders in continual rotation, each taking their turn to brave it at the front whilst the others rest from the wind. It’s perfect for training in a group at speed or practising your race-day skills.

Worried about getting dropped? No fear, we’ll never be too far Apus Peak where you can take a lap out or call it a day.

What if it’s wet or windy? Safety will be our No.1 priority but don’t worry we’ve got lots to do if it’s grim outside: smash it out on the Wattbikes or join in a group S&C session in the comfort of Apus Peak. Nearby parking is a plenty.

Can’t make it in time? Catch us up or join us along the ride.

Route info:

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