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Functional Mobility & Core Strength for Sport

Apus Peak, Tatton Street, Knutsford, WA16 6AF


“Are you an cyclist or runner wanting to maximise efficiency in your sport and remain injury free? Regularly undertaking functional mobility and core training exercise helps increase range of motion, flexibility and balance, which are vital for any sport.


Most cyclists and runners put great demands on their body either as a result of impact, load, intensity or frequency, which can lead to tight muscles and muscle imbalances. A tight/weak muscle simply does not function at full capacity. A long, lean and flexible muscle however allows for greater range of motion and thus reduces the risk of injury.


One of the most overlooked areas to strengthen for athletes is the “core”. There are several layers of core muscles all of which are targeted by core training. The glute muscles are also very important in stabilising the pelvis particularly for running and cycling activities. Using your body’s core generates the real power in your push off, pedal stroke or pull through the water. Much of your energy comes from this area.  By transferring that core energy to your extremities, you’ll get more power out of your stroke or stride.


A consistent mobility routine will ensure that proper stretching becomes an integral part of your training program. The core muscle groups will work synergistically to make the spine more supple. The tight muscles will lengthen and promote healthy blood circulation and lubrication to your joints. This will not only improve your range of motion but also your cardiovascular health as the deep breathing promotes healthy circulation throughout the whole body and your spine will also become more supple and pliable.


Each Monday 10.30am at Apus Peak”

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