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The Guru is much more than a bike fit, its a fit system, bike finder system, a dynamic testing tool.

The Guru Bike fit system has the most real world use out of any bike fit currently on the market, Every riding position, cadence and style is taken in to account and we can fit you perfectly by focusing on the position that YOU prefer to ride in.

The Guru fit is a collaborative effort, we don’t tell you how to ride, we find the optimum position together. We look at power, cadence and all relevant measurements.

We can also take the measurements from your existing bike and explain the changes required to set up your bike to match your Guru fit position.

Guru Dynamic Fit

THE GURU EXPERIENCE. The World’s most advanced fit system enables cyclists of all ages and experience levels to find the perfect bike and riding position to match their personal preference.

GURU DYNAMIC FIT UNIT adjusts your riding position in real time to maximise your comfort and efficiency. Incline / decline adjustment allows you to test riding positions while ascending or descending to stimulate riding conditions.

Guru’s tailored fit report provides you with a comprehensive overview of your fit data, which can be used to set up a new bike or optimise an existing bike. Gurus virtual ride combines the real-time action of the dynamic fit unit with the integrated computrainer unit to adjust resistance to replicate changes in terrain.

High-Tech Bike Fit Services


Who is this for? Road, gravel and MTB. Fit for existing bike, new bike purchase, custom bike build to include:

  • Assessment of current position and discussion of clients goals and specific complaints
  • Full bike fit on GURU DFU including saddle fitting
  • Adjustment of clients current bike into new fit position
  • Recommendations on new bikes that will fit best if required
  • Fit coordinates supplied to client for further reference

Bike Fit Inclusions

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Bike Selection

GURU’s Virtual Warehouse features thousands of bikes across all categories (road, gravel, mountain, tri, recreation) from major manufacturers – allowing you to test ride a collection of individual bikes on command. Tailored Fit Report. GURU’s tailored fit report delivers a personalized overview of your final riding position – featuring your essential fit data and specifications needed to pair your coordinates to a new bike or existing bike.


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